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Second Grade

Second Grade

All instruction in the second grade is designed to differentiate for learning styles and ability. Teaching strategies include the use of small group instruction, music, dancing, using gestures, mnemonic devices, storytelling, field trips, project-based learning, role playing, and making real-world connections. Student work and learning centers are geared as enrichment, as well as an extension of the curriculum base. It is our goal to help each second grader obtain literacy skills, gain knowledge necessary for a successful life, and see learning as a joyful and rewarding experience.

Second grade is the first year that students receive letter grades. They are also very excited to learn cursive. Students become more independent and are given more responsibility.

In our second grade Reading curriculum, comprehension, oral reading, word knowledge and meaning are stressed. We use the SuperKids reading curriculum which is an integrated, multimodal approach that engages multiple senses.  This curriculum gives students more than one way to understand and practice essential reading and writing skills. Students work in small groups to ensure they are reading on their skill level. Throughout the year, the students complete novel studies in their assigned “book clubs.” Second graders also participate in the Accelerated Reader Program. This program allows us to help track the individualized comprehension and vocabulary skills of our students. Each student is assigned AR goals according to their reading ability to ensure that they are progressing at an individual pace. These goals are assigned according to the findings of the STAR reading assessment.

In our English Language Arts curriculum, we are able to cover all areas of ELA (spelling, phonics, reading, and writing). Daily practice in manuscript and cursive enables students to write neatly and legibly. The writing curriculum is embedded in the SuperKids reading program and incorporated into the daily reading lessons.  This curriculum allows students to work at their own level while using writing conventions, practicing spelling strategies, and showing their creativity. They learn about peer editing and have individual conferences with their teacher. They also share their work and learn to give and receive feedback. Students are taught to distinguish parts of speech, write friendly letters, write and identify complete sentences, use correct capitalization and punctuation, draw conclusions, begin paragraph writing, and identify main idea and details. These skills are the main focus of many objectives in the second grade.

In Math, there is a short review of addition and subtraction facts, place value, ordinal numbers, and other cumulative skills they were taught in first grade. Teachers progress to addition and subtraction with regrouping with multiple addends, measurement, time, money, fractions and basic geometry skills. Multiplication and division concepts are also introduced. Learning centers are a large part of the strategy used to make math meaningful and fun for students. Manipulatives are available to help reinforce math concepts. An emphasis is also placed on solving word problems, with multiple strategies being taught to solve them. Students work in small groups for additional teacher support and to ensure appropriate curriculum pacing. Students also enjoy IXL and Xtra Math as a fun way to reinforce skills taught in the classroom.

Star Math is a supplemental assessment used to help assess, set, and track students’ individual goals. Accelerated math is the supplemental tool that allows us to set objectives for each student based on the Star Math assessment.

In Social Studies, students are taught an integrated blend of geography, economics, civics and government, and history. Geography skills and Scholastic News are covered on a weekly basis. Students learn about current events and practice reading non-fiction to look for meaning and information. Units integrated with the reading curriculum help students learn about national holidays, world celebrations and cultural differences. The study of people is incorporated using oral biography presentations and research on presidents. Students learn about market research, supply and demand and enjoy a Goods and Services Fair where they create their own “store” to sell their good or serve of choice.

Science in second grade includes an overall view of animals and plants, the weather, human body, states of matter, and various other topics in earth, health, and physical science. Instruction includes many hands-on and guided lessons. Emphasis is placed on units of study in the areas of earth science. A special unit deals with the study of the pond biome and its surrounding environment. At EDS, we have a pond with a waterfall, indigenous iris, cattails, pond lilies, tadpoles, and fish forms that are the basis of the second grade unit of the pond biome. It is nestled between the music building and the middle school building. Having a permanent pond feature on site allows our students to observe seasonal changes in the pond biome. The fragile balance of this pond is explored and it allows the students to see first-hand how important water quality is and how the animals and plants work together to form this unique water environment. We conclude our pond unit in the spring with a fun trip to a real pond for our Easter egg hunt and party! We also enjoy a field trip to a real crawfish farm and the Gator Chateau!

All of these units encourage interaction within different environments using field trips and outside resources. In the past, students have:
- Toured the Port of Lake Charles during the study of Louisiana waterways
- Had a boat ride through the Atchafalaya basin during the study of Louisiana Wetlands
- Visited Vermilionville for its rich Louisiana culture and history
- Enjoyed various off-campus theatrical productions

At EDS, we not only pride ourselves on our ability to provide academic excellence in the classroom, but we also feel that it is important for our students to have empathy for others and give to others who need our help. Each year in the second grade, our students collect food to “pack the bus” full of food to bring to Care Help in Sulphur. The donated food is place in backpacks for children in need of food over the weekend. We sincerely hope to foster in our students, an awareness and compassion for people who are less fortunate that will carry on into their adult lives.

Enrichments are an exciting time for our students. Second graders attend Spanish, Art, Computer Technology, Library, and Physical Education as part of our broad curriculum.