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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School Board of Trustees is constituted by the authority of the Vestry of the Church of the Good Shepherd. It serves in an administrative and consultative capacity to that body on matters affecting the school.

Board of Trustees Mission Statement:  To take viability relation action on behalf of the next generation of students.

Members serve for three years on a rotating basis, with 1/3 of the members changing annually.
Board of Trustees Officers 2022 - 2023
Chairman - Mrs. Emily Williams
Vice-Chairman - Mrs. Shavela Harvey
Treasurer - Mr. Jim McGough
Secretary - Mrs. Carrie Kudla
      Dr. Laura Gaar        
      Dr. Cara Fontenot
      Mr. Gray Stream
      Mr. Taylor Hale
      Dr. Hampton Rutland
      Dr. Danielle Robinson
      Mrs. Elisabeth LaMotte
      Mrs. Jessica Williamson
      Dr. Charles Stewart
      Mr. William Henning
      Mr. Jay Zaveri
      Mrs. Nicole Rascoe
      Mrs. Candace Scroggs
      Mr. Ryan Carter

Letter from the Chairman 
I am honored to serve as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the 2022-2023 and pleased to inform you of recent developments with our beloved Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School.

The Board of Trustees is charged with planning for the next generation of students and ensuring the long-term viability of the School. Several years ago, the Board began a process of evaluation, research and discussion to develop a long range strategic plan. Each year, the Board assesses its own performance and that of the Administration in attaining the goals set out in the Strategic Plan.

In recent months, the current Board of Trustees has gathered in a series of meetings, workshops, and retreats to reassess and revise the existing Strategic Plan and to plan for the future of Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School. From these series of meetings, the Board developed a clearer vision of the future of Bishop Noland. This process prompted us to ensure that future Trustees, the Administration, our Faculty, our families and the general public have a touchstone to guide in understanding the core values of the educational experience provided by the School. Accordingly, we revised our mission statement to provide a clear and concise expression of the School’s goals and aspirations: Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School provides academic excellence to a diverse student body in a Christian environment.

The revised Mission Statement does not represent a new direction for Bishop Noland, but is simply a concise restatement of the School’s long-standing philosophy, goals and objectives. The Mission Statement will continue to inform long-range planning by the Board of Trustees, management decisions of the administration, and instruction by the faculty. It is our expectation that every student will know and put into practice the School’s mission statement.

Second, the Board is proud to announce a new element of the Strategic Plan: the establishment of the Endowment for Faculty Excellence. This Endowment has already been seeded through the generosity of several donors, demonstrating support for the Strategic Plan, and we invite you to consider who you might encourage the fund’s growth. In future years, income generated from the Endowment will be drawn to fund faculty salaries and professional development. This income will allow the Board to advance its goal of increasing our faculty salaries to match ninety percent of the Calcasieu Parish School Board pay scale, allowing the Administration to retain and attract the best faculty for our school.

In coming months, we will provide announcements regarding additional elements of the revised Strategic Plan. The Board of Trustees appreciates your support of Bishop Noland and looks forward to working with you the carry out the School’s mission.

Mrs. Emily Williams