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High School (9th-11th Grade)

Empowering students to take charge of their future


High school students are ready for the next level of independence, responsibility and decision making. When students are given the opportunity to take action on issues affecting them, they develop self confidence and become more proactive in their learning. 

Empowered students are motivated. The students who are motivated to learn have higher achievement, show better understanding of concepts they are taught, and are more satisfied with school. The focus of the high school is to continue the tradition of teamwork among the school, faculty, staff, and community to build a supportive network. 

Our high school is a personalized experience as students navigate their lives as young adults. It will provide opportunities for growth and increased responsibility. Students will have a balanced approach to academics, enrichments, and connections to the community. They will discover their strengths as they grow and learn and will have a caring school community to support them on their journey. 

High school classes will maintain the small class sizes Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School currently provides. Opportunities for independent study, online classes, and dual enrollment will be available.

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Student-Center Schedule

Modified Block Schedule

Our South Campus will be using a modified block schedule. As educators, we are driven by the question of how we can best serve our students. After careful research, consultation and evaluation it was determined that a modified block schedule would best meet the needs of our students. 

A block schedule with longer class periods has been proven to lower student stress levels and increase student engagement in classes. A block schedule format also prepares students for their transition to college coursework and schedules. 

Educational research and best-practices from top independent school consultants are clear that block schedules improve a student’s learning experience by: 

1.  Reducing the stressful, frenetic pace of preparing for and transitioning between several classes a day, and 

2.  Increasing student engagement with more time for project orientation and teacher interaction in all courses. 

Reduced stress – A block schedule allows students to prepare for 3 – 4 classes each evening (instead of all 6 or 7 in the current schedule). During the day student stress levels are lowered by fewer interruptions in their learning. Increased engagement – A student attending 3 – 4 academic classes a day (instead of 6 or 7) will benefit from this type of schedule. Projects and labs can be completed in one period instead of several and deeper relationships can be formed in classes with groups spending more concentrated class time together. Students will only be preparing for 3-4 classes each evening, which will lead to greater depth of learning and more opportunities to seek help from teachers before their class meets next. 

Additionally, students will have a 50 minute lunch period to allow for time for clubs and collaborative meetings. This reduces the number of after school commitments a student has to juggle during the week. Our middle and high school students’ class day begins at 8:30 am and end at 3:30 pm.

Course Offerings


Biology I: Science and Global Challenges
Biology I: Science and Global Challenges Advanced
Physical Science
Chemistry I
Chemistry I Advanced


Algebra I: Understanding the World through Math
Algebra I: Understanding the World through Math Advanced
Geometry: Geometry in the World
Geometry: Geometry in the World Advanced
Algebra II
Algebra II Advanced


English I:  My Perspectives 9
English I:  My Perspectives 9 Advanced
English II:  My Perspectives 10
English II:  My Perspectives 10 Advanced


World History:  Enduring Understandings and Modern Applications
World History:  Enduring Understandings and Modern Applications Advanced
Civics Advanced
AP Government

World Language

Spanish I:  Spanish Conversation and Culture Level 1
Spanish II:  Spanish Conversation and Culture Level 2
Spanish III

Physical Education & Health

PE:  Individual Sport Development
PE II: Design Fitness into Your Life

Arts & Electives

Vocal Ensemble:  Being a Soloist Among Soloists

Advanced Band:  Electronic Music Workshop
Advanced Band II:  Electronic Music Workshop

Art I: Explorations in Individual Studio Art
Art II

Online Computer Classes:
AP Computer Science Pathway:  Intro to Computer Science Javascript

Frequently Asked Questions

What grades does the South Campus serve?

Our South Campus serves our middle and high school students (11th grade by fall 2022, and 12th grade by fall 2023).

Does the tuition increase for the high school?

No! Our tuition is the same for students kindergarten through 12th grade.

How will I get my children to both campuses on-time?

We provide bus transportation between both campuses. Additionally, our South Campus hours are 8:30am until 3:30pm.

Is an athletic program offered for high school students?

Yes! We have joined the ACEL to provide sports such as boys and girls basketball, track, cheerleading and volleyball. Our middle school students will continue to compete in the CCAL for volleyball, basketball, football, and track. We will also offer life sports such as swimming, tennis and golf.

Do you offer dual enrollment classes?

Yes, for those students who apply and meet university standards.  Dual enrollment classes will be held both on and off campus.

For enrollment information, please contact Lisa Leubner, Director of Admissions at 337-433-5246 or [email protected]