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PreK4 - 4 Years Old


PreK 4 at Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School is a cross-curricular, play-based program that prepares children for further educational development. Methods for achieving this objective include direct teaching using visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile modes. Social growth and academic achievements are emphasized.

Our Phonics program is guided by the Lively Letters curriculum.  We utilize a three-step approach for learning letter identification, letter sounds, and an active prompt associated with each sound. This program is supplemented by read-aloud stories, learning centers, field trips, and Lively Letters resources. The objective is for every student to reproduce and decode letter sounds with at least 80% accuracy by the end of the year.

Other Language Arts skills include:
• Sequencing and retelling stories
• Increasing basic vocabulary
• Practicing rhythm and rhymes to develop reading readiness

Our Math program focuses on number sense which is introduced through activities and illustrations with groups of objects. The written symbol of each numeral is introduced and practiced. The students count to 30 and beyond. They learn to classify objects by shape, size, color, length, and weight. The children practice making predictions and logical connections by repeating patterns and creating new ones. Graphing is introduced using objects related to our unit of study. The children are introduced to the concepts of estimation, time, measurement, money, and tally marks using manipulatives. Students also work with classifying more and less, ordering objects smallest to largest, matching the correct number to a set of objects, finding equal amounts, assigning ordinal numbers, counting down from 10, and solving simple addition and subtraction problems with objects.

Science is magic for young children and is a favorite subject in our classrooms. Science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) are integrated into every school day. Students are naturally drawn to build, design, discover, predict, experiment, observe, illustrate, and imagine. As teachers, we try to satisfy their curiosity by bringing real-world science into school. We watch caterpillars turn into butterflies, meet a bee-keeper, and visit a pumpkin patch after studying the pumpkin’s life cycle. Students learn about measuring, mixing, sequencing, temperature, and changes to physical states of matter when we cook together. Seasons and corresponding changes in animals, trees, and plants are studied. Every grade in our school also has a biome that is studied during the year. PreK 4 studies Louisiana’s Wetlands. They learn about Louisiana’s vanishing barrier islands and animals that are indigenous to this habitat. In the spring, each child has the opportunity to choose and lead an experiment with the help of a relative as Scientist of the Day.

Through our Social Studies program, children learn about our school environment and how a community works together. Holidays and diverse customs are shared. Louisiana is a favorite unit of study. We explore the music, culture, traditions, and cuisine of our home state.

Religion is integrated throughout our program. Chapel is held every Wednesday where we sing songs, join in prayer, read and act out stories from Read-Aloud Bible Stories. Character development and social/emotional growth is a yearlong focus fostered by our Religion program but reinforced in all areas. Life skills such as patience, self-control, empathy, honesty, and forgiveness are best learned during early childhood. Our students learn that every person can be a leader at something and must be responsible for their own behavior and choices. They also get to experience the joy of giving and helping firsthand through four annual outreach opportunities.

Fine Motor activities are thoughtfully incorporated into projects and independent work on a daily basis. These activities are related to seasons, holidays, and cross-curricular objectives throughout the year. Drawing, cutting, gluing, threading, lacing, tracing, and coloring skills are used to complete projects with a variety of different media.

PreK 4 students have the benefit of visiting five Enrichments each week. Learning outside of their homeroom exposes children to environments customized for an immersive experience in Music, Technology, Library, Art, and Physical Education. Enrichment teachers are passionate about what they teach and offer our students variety in teaching styles and methods of instruction. You can learn more about our Enrichment programs here: Above & Beyond The Classroom

Overall, our program focuses on a total child approach to development. Thanks to the limited, maximum enrollment of 15 students per class, an individualized platform has been established for high levels of achievement by all students. We have a close-knit school community. We love getting to know our families, pride ourselves on open lines of communication, and treasure opportunities to share our experiences through special projects and events. We, as teachers, dedicate ourselves to promoting a happy environment that is conducive to learning and growth.