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Safe Return 2020

Safe Opening 2020

From Mother Boo Kay

We have been preparing and are ready for a strong start to the new school year!  It may look a little different with new guidelines and procedures, but we are moving forward with safety as our guidepost and number one priority.  While the public health situation may impact the way we do things, we will continue to provide academic excellence to a diverse student body in a Christian environment.
We will be opening on Monday, August 24th with all five days for all students, unless the state does not allow it.
 In order to keep you fully informed, below are the current plans for the fall.  These plans are subject to change if the situation with COVID-19 changes.  Please know that not all decisions have been made, as we are still closely monitoring our own phased approach at reopening both campuses, as well as monitoring the state of Louisiana's success at reopening.  These are based on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines, the information from our work with Oschner's Health Group, the State Department of Education, the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommendations from regional and national school associations to which we belong and a large group of our own doctors who are parents at our school.

Phase I: Fewer than 10 People

• Daily in-person instruction with a hybrid schedule of A and B Groups
• Modified class/instructional schedules

• Two days a week with direct instruction with A and B groups; 9th grade all students every day with in school instruction
• Virtual schedule on the alternate days

• Students will eat in classrooms or outside.
• Students may bring lunch or order meals through the normal online ordering system

Phase II: Fewer than 25 People

• Daily in-person instruction
• Normal assignment of core/enrichment teachers
• No modification of schedules
• Virtual option for students who choose

• Five days of direct instruction per week
• Virtual option available
• All divisions will follow normal schedules with all enrichments with most enrichment teachers coming into the homerooms instead of moving the students. The exceptions are PE and Technology.
• Playground and P.E. activities will be organized so as not to exceed maximum group size. The playgrounds will be divided with each homeroom (static group) playing separately from the other group.

• Students will eat in classrooms or outside;
• Students may bring lunch or order meals through the normal online ordering system.
• Lunches will be delivered to classrooms.

Virtual Learning/Remote Start

Bishop Noland Episcopal Day Schooll will have virtual learning in place throughout the 2020-2021 school year.  Virtual learning will be offered in the following situations:
1.  Parent choice
2.  Individual students in isolation/quarantine at home in accordance with the health advisory
3.  Specific grade-level closures as a result of directive from the Office of Public Health
4.  Full school-closure in response to directives from civil or ecclesiastical authorities 
If, for any reason, the school is closed or sent home for quarantine, we will move to the full virtual plan that includes teachers using Google Classroom to teach their subjects aided by live instruction using Google Meet.  Students will have live classes with their teachers that will be recorded during this time away from campus.
Remote Start Option 
We are offering a Remote Start Option for Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School families that are not comfortable returning to school on Monday, August 24th.  Families can take advantage of this option for as long as they feel is necessary.  EDS is offering a virtual format for those who aren't comfortable returning to the classroom yet, and will update the virutal classroom weekly with the understanding that the most instruction will be self-regulated and not under daily supervision of the classroom teacher.  This is a complex situation, and we will all be working hard to keep all of our students up-to-date and on track. 
There are essential components to our remote plan that will be posted on a remote start Google Classroom.  If a teacher has a students that has chosen remote start learning or is home on quarantine, students will participate using the Google Classroom and taught by our EDS teachers.  Students will be assigned work on Google Classroom that aligns wit the current curriculum being taught in school at the time.  Teachers will meet remotely with students once a week during a planning period in the school day.  Those times will be posted in their Google Classroom.
Student assignments may include things such as IXL assignments, Epics Books reading assignments, Khan Academy assignments, math textbook assignments, regular work from the classroom, Accelerated Reader testing, and one enrichment lesson a week.  These will vary from grade-to-grade and will be based on age-appropriateness.  Live access to chapel will also be available.  Work may be turned in digitally or dropped off at school every two weeks.
Teachers will be available for questions by email, but will be teaching students in the classroom so please be patient.  Teachers will be focused on face-to-face classrooms during the day. 
Parents may pick up resources to start the school year for remote start the week before school begins.
Students may notify the school if they are interested in retutning to the face-to-face model.  They may come back to the program at any time.
*Note:  All high school credit classes will have instruction posted on their block scheduled days.

Student/Staff Screening

  • Temperature screening and symptom monitoring should be done by parents before leaving home each morning.  Temperature screening will also be conducted upon arrival for employees and students.  Students or staff who have a temperature of 100.4 will be isolated for 10 minutes and rechecked.  If the temperature persists, the student or employee must be sent home. 
  • A student or staff member who exhibits any of the symptoms from the CDC related COVID-19 must be symptom free, without medication, for 72 hours.
  • Students who exhibited symptoms will be provided a designated area to wait until they can be picked up.  These areas will be cleaned and sanitized after the student goes home. 

Healthy Hygiene Practices

One of the three most important practices to reduce the spread of Coronavirus is good hand hygiene practice.  
  • Students will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival, before and after recess, before and after lunch and before leaving for the day.
  • Students will wash their hands after using the restroom and at any other time that calls for that.
  • We will be utilizing additional mobile hand sanitizing stations. 
  • Students will bring water bottles from home and will not use shared water fountains.
  • We have purchased additional water refilling stations for both campuses. 

Face Coverings

Faces coverings are especially important in spaces such as hallways which are not large enough to provide 6 feet of space between all individuals.
  • Face coverings will be required for third grade and above.
  • Face coverings are required for all employees.   
  • In morning carpool this will apply to students in all grade levels except two year olds.
  • Disposable masks are available if necessary.
  • Face coverings are not required for outdoor spaces unless social distancing is not feasible.
  • Face coverings must cover nose and mouth. 
We encourage parents to begin practicing with various types of face coverings/masks to find one that works for your child.

Physical Distancing

  • The goal is to stay six feet apart in so far as possible.  Our small class sizes and two campuses help to accomplish this goal. 
    • Classroom seating has been arranged to allow as much social distance as possible.
    • Large furniture, unused tables and desks have been removed to allow for additional space.
    • We have marked sidewalks, fences, and floors to help identify six feet. 
    • Chapel and church services will be live streamed virtually.
    • Outside areas will be utilized as much as possible.
    • Recess schedules have been designed to prevent students from mixing cohort groups.
    • Students will eat lunch in their classrooms and/or outside.
    • Carpool procedures have been modified to eliminate groups in common areas.
    • Parents should utilize the school website, school app, and call the school if needed and avoid visiting the campus.  If a visit is required, a mask is also required.  Parents/visitors will only be allowed into the school by appointment. 
    • Field trips, pep rallies, and musical performances will be modified accordingly.
    • Our students will maintain in static groups/cohorts which will be a student's homeroom.  This will limit the number of interactions a student has which, in turn, will limit the interruption to the school if someone gets sick.
    • Enrichment teachers will travel to the homeroom classes with the exception of PE and technology. 
    • Parents who are bringing lunches or forgotten items to school will leave them with the receptionist.


Cleaning/Disinfection Procedures

We are making every effort to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.
  • All campus buildings have been cleaned and sanitized and we will continue to follow CDC protocols. 
  • High touch surfaces will be sanitized after each use throughout the day.
  • Ensure adequate supplies for proper hand hygiene.
  • Accessible hand sanitizer located throughout the campuses.  We have added 8 mobile units.
  • Clean and disinfect the bathrooms throughout the day.
  • Wipe desks and door knobs.
  • Cleaning staff will thoroughly clean our campus every evening.
  • We have also added 4 UV wands, 28 air purifiers, large room sanitizers, 4,000 disposable masks, 400 boxes of sanitizing wipes, 3 water bottle filling stations to replace water fountains, and 10 non-contact thermometers. 
  • Students are asked to bring water bottles from home.
  • Teachers are encouraged to keep doors/windows open to allow for increased circulation. 


Parents should monitor their children's health and refrain from sending their children to school who are or may be sick.

Children should not come to school if they have had a fever or taken fever-reducing medications within the past 24 hours; have a persistent cough, sore throat, or breath difficulties; or have had vomiting or diarrhea within the past 24 hours.

Faculty and staff are expected to observe the above guidelines. 

Advise Staff and Families of Sick Students of Home Isolation Criteria  

  • Sick staff members or students should not return until they have met the CDC's criteria to discontinue home isolation.        

Isolate and Transport Those Who are Sick

  • Staff members should notify the school and stay home if they or a family member become sick with COVID-19 symptoms or a confirmed case is diagnosed.
  • Staff and/or children will be isolated if displaying COVID-19 symptoms (such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath) at school. Designed areas for isolation have been identified.  Individuals who are sick will go home. 

Clean and Disinfect

  • The areas used by a sick person will be closed off areas and not used until the area has been cleaned and disinfected. 

Notify Health Officials and Close Contacts 

  • In accordance with state and local laws and regulations, school administrators will notify local health officials, staff, and families immediately of any case of COVID-19 while maintaining confidentiality.
  • The school will inform those who have had close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 to stay home and self-monitor for symptoms, and follow CDC guidance if symptoms develop. 

When Quarantine Is Necessary

The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) is adopting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recently updated recommendations regarding options to shorten quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure based on evolving epidemiologic data and in an effort to reduce the burden of quarantine and increase overall quarantine compliance. The alternative quarantine options carry an increased risk of post-quarantine transmission compared to the full 14 day quarantine period.

In accordance with CDC guidance, LDH accepts the following alternative options to a 14-day quarantine for close contacts of an individual infected with COVID-19[ii]
1. Quarantine can end after Day 10 post-exposure without testing and if no symptoms have been reported during daily monitoring. (return on 11th day)
2.When diagnostic testing resources are sufficient and available (see number 3 below), quarantine can end after Day 7 post-exposure if a diagnostic specimen (molecular/PCR or antigen) tests negative and if no symptoms were reported during daily monitoring. The specimen may be collected and tested within 48 hours before the time of planned quarantine discontinuation (e.g., in anticipation of testing delays), but quarantine cannot be discontinued earlier than after Day 7. (return on 8th day)
Persons can discontinue quarantine at these time points only if all of the following criteria are also met:
No clinical evidence of COVID-19 has been elicited by daily symptom monitoring during the entirety of quarantine up to the time at which quarantine is discontinued.

Daily symptom monitoring continues through quarantine Day 14.
1. Any quarantine period begins the day after last exposure to an infected individual during the period of infectiousness. If an infected individual is unable to isolate from household contacts while they are infectious, the quarantine period for household contacts begins the day after the infected individual meets end of isolation criteria.

Please continue to notify the school when your child has been directly exposed to a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 or your child tests positive for COVID-19. We will provide guidance on individual return dates. You can call 433-5246 or email [email protected], [email protected]

Teachers will be notified at that time so Google classroom assignments can be provided.

Known COVID-19 Cases

  • Parents and staff are asked to inform the school if any member of the household has had a positive COVID-19 test.
  • Upon such notification, the school will consult with the Regional Health Director, who will provide guidance with regard to possible quarantine measures.  Such guidance will take account of the specific situation as well as local spread. 

International Travel

CDC recommends families that travel internationally during the school year must inform the school, and the students will be required to quarantine for 14 days before returning to the campus.   EDS will be following the CDC guidelines on this recommendation.

After/Morning Care

Students who have contracted for morning care (7:00-7:40) will go to designated areas so that social distancing and cohorts/static groups may be maintained.
When it is time for students to come to school on the North Campus (7:40-7:55), students will enter designated doors which open to the outside so that everyone in 1st - 6th grade do not wait together in the Commons.  Students will go directly to their homeroom.
Students on the South Campus will have a staggered start and pick up time.
After care students will remain in their homerooms during carpool.