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EDS Parent Guild

EDS Parent Guild

An official parent organization, with officers elected from a constituency of parents pre-registered for the following year, has the following goals:        
Supporting the school by positive attitude, publicity, participation in its life and programs, and recommending the school to parents seeking a better education for their children. Raising funds through support of the annual auction, carnival, special projects, private donations, and contributions to the School Endowment Fund. Volunteering in many capacities to assist the faculty and staff as requested.

2022-2023 Parent Guild Steering Committee

Ashley Rudd, President

Anne Adaway, Vice President

Laurie Ardoin, School Liaison

Preschool Division Representatives
  • PreK2 - Eloise Pruitt and Maria LaBorde
  • PreK3 - Lexi Paret
  • PreK4 - Holly Harris and Chelsea Rudd
  • Kdg - Natalie Garrison

Lower School Division Representatives

  • 1st Grade - Liz Goodwin and Ashley Rudd
  • 2nd Grade - Nealie Hale and Amanda Kile
  • 3rd Grade - Kaysie Bolton and Candace Scroggs
  • 4th Grade - Emily Williams
  • 5th Grade - Tiffany Rutland
  • 6th Grade - Anne Adaway

South Campus Representatives

  • 7th Grade - Carrie Kudla and Katie Williams
  • 8th Grade - Open
  • 9th Grade - Open
  • 10th Grade - Sherrie Morris
  • 11th Grade - Open
Special Committee Representatives
  • Decorations Co-Chairs - Amanda LeBlanc and Amanda Meche
  • Auction Acquisition Chair - Lexi Wilson
  • Teacher Appreciation Chair - Tiffany Rutland
  • Christmas on the Plaza Chair - Tausha Kordisch
  • Carnival Chair - Zoey Reed

Every parent is a member of the EDS Parent Guild. Annual dues are automatically paid through each child’s Registration Fees. Funds are used for a variety of activities initiated by the EDS Parent Guild Executive Board as well as any improvements the guild wishes to purchase for the school and our students.

EDS Parent Guild hosts events to create fellowship among students, families, and parishioners. The participation and success of the various fundraisers and projects are due to the tremendous effort, time and commitment of our EDS families. This is the difference we make as a strong Parent Guild at EDS. The parent guild organization is governed by the EDS Parent Guild Executive Board and Steering Committee which is staffed with EDS parents that represent each division and grade. The steering committee is responsible for coordinating all Parent Guild fundraisers, managing a budget, overseeing volunteers and making financial decisions that benefit our school. They work closely with the school liaison and the Head of School to ensure all their efforts support the school’s mission. The proceeds from dues and fundraisers allow the parent guild to support the school financially through annual gifts.

 Parent Guild Fundraisers:

  • Back to School Dance 
  • Christmas on the Plaza
  • Spirit Store

Gifts Parent Guild has provided for the school:

  • Tables on the Playgrounds
  • Technology to Enhance P.E.
  • Lower School Playground Equipment 
  • Computer Lab Makeover
  • Many Educational Initiatives

Our funding also provides for senior teacher stipends, in-service lunches, faculty/staff Christmas and appreciation lunches, gifts to the school, and half of the school directory.