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Serving students two years old through tenth grade.

Our Mission

Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School provides academic excellence to a diverse student body in a Christian environment.

Our Philosophy

The knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom.

The Christian church has always regarded education as one of the tasks involved in its pastoral ministry to people of all ages.

Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School attempts to guide the child in spiritual, as well as emotional, intellectual, and physical development. Any worthwhile education must take into account the fact that a child is not only a rational, but also a spiritual being; and that a sound mind and a sound body are related to reverence, charity, respect, and those things of the spirit, which are values common to, yet transcend human life. The role of the Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School is that of helping the child develop all facets of personality as a child of God. Each child is unique, an individual, one of God’s children.

Our Values

  • Provides a nurturing, spiritually-based, educational environment.
  • Develop their unique abilities and gifts.
  • Celebrates a child’s depth of wonder and joy in the world.
  • Program incorporates play and learning to foster the developmental and academic needs of each child.
  • Loving, certified educators shaping minds and igniting their passion for learning.

Igniting a passion for learning

Two Years through Kindergarten

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  • Opportunity to build the foundation for an independent, successful future.
  • Nurturing environment that includes data driven instruction and the latest teaching strategies.
  • Small group instruction allows for more opportunities for questioning and engagement.
  • Confidence and inspiration to become life-long learners and leaders in our community.
  • Service-learning affords every student the opportunity to make a difference in the world around them.

Inspiring our children to become courageous leaders

First through Sixth Grade

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  • Tremendous growth and change, exploration and discovery.
  • Allow students to experience a close-knit community fostering confidence, collaboration and creativity.
  • Teaching at EDS: highly engaged students, unusually dedicated colleagues, and autonomy in the classroom.
  • Designed to prepare students to understand the importance of juggling academics, sports, and extracurricular activities.
  • Responsibilities and learning to be accountable for numerous academic classes and projects.

Engaging students in meaningful learning

Seventh through Eighth Grade

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  • Empowered students are motivated.
  • Personalized experience as students navigate their lives as young adults.
  • Provide opportunities for growth and increased responsibility.
  • Balanced approach to academics, enrichments, and connections to the community.
  • Block Schedules - Reduce stress and Increase student engagement.

Empowering students to take charge of their future

Ninth through Tenth Grade

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Our News & Events

Parent Preview Night - North Campus
The purpose of this evening is for parents to preview the upcoming grade level, meet our faculty and preview next year's curriculum.

5:30pm - PreK2 meet in the classroom
5:30pm - PreK3 meet in the classroom
5:30pm - PreK4 meet in the Commons
5:30pm - 1st grade meet in the Gym

6:30pm - Kindergarten meet in the Commons
6:30pm - 2nd grade meet in the Gym

All other grades will meet on Wednesday, January 26th.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Parent Preview Night North Campus
The purpose of this evening is for parents to preview the upcoming grade level, meet our faculty and preview next year's curriculum.

5:30pm - 3rd grade meet in the Commons
5:30pm - 5th & 6th grade meet in the Gym

6:30pm - 4th grade meet in the Commons
Wednesday, January 26, 2022
PreK 2 - 6th Grade Re-registration
Re-registration for PreK 2 - 6th grade begins Thursday, January 27th - Thursday, February 10th.

Please check your email for the registration links from our Registrar, Stephanie Strode.  If you do not see it, please check your spam folder.
Thursday, January 27, 2022
Spirit Wear with Casual Clothes Day
Students may wear any EDS Spirit T-shirt, EDS Club T-shirt or EDS Athletic T-shirt with Casual clothes
Friday, January 28, 2022