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Character Development

Character Development

Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School recently adopted the FranklinCovey program entitled The Leader in Me . Character development at Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School has many facets. One that is brought out by The Leader In Me program is leadership and finding the leader in every student, faculty and staff member. Another component is our service learning program. Every grade has a specific and unique project to reach out to others. The school also has special projects. Time to pray, worship, reflect, and learn about all of God’s creation is paramount at EDS.

The Leader in Me is built on the seven habits that aim to help students, faculty, staff and parents be more productive citizens and to highlight the leader in every student at EDS.

Each student is taught the seven habits:

  • Habit 1: Be Proactive – You’re in charge.
  • Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind – Have a plan.
  • Habit 3: Put First Things First – Work first, then play.
  • Habit 4: Think Win-Win – Everyone can win.
  • Habit 5: Seek First to Understand and then to be Understood – Listen before you talk.
  • Habit 6: Synergize – Together is better.
  • Habit 7: Sharpen Your Saw – Balance feels best.

Leaders can be found all over the classrooms and halls within Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School. Examples are: Classroom Greeter, Mail Carrier, Public Speaker, Library Helper, Green Team, Safety Patrol, First Friends, Supply Stocker, Morning Announcers, Line Leaders, Personalities of the Week and much more!

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