The Simien Family


It is a pleasure to share our story about why we continue to choose Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School. After 15 years as EDS parents, the school remains true to its motto: "Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School provides academic excellence to a diverse student body in a Christian environment." I (Paula) sought out EDS in the Spring of 1999 as we were making arrangements to relocate from Mandeville, LA to Lake Charles. I knew of its reputation firsthand because I had been employed by Christ Episcopal School in Covington, LA. It was only logical and a natural transition for me to contact the Episcopal school system in Lake Charles. I remember making the phone call and scheduling a tour with The Rev. Frances "Boo" Kay. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed her, the tour and the information shared. Our enrollment has been and continues to be a right decision for our family.

We have three children. All three of them began in the EDS preschool program. Our two older sons continued through 8th grade. Our young daughter is currently a 3rd grader. All three children have excelled academically and in music and sports. Our sons were well prepared for high school and college.

The accelerated academic curriculum couched in a creative multisensory approach has been an invaluable experience. Such a teaching environment addresses the various learning styles of children, sparks an interest and an excitement for learning, and allows students to develop and utilize their creativity. Rote learning is replaced by teaching higher-ordered cognitive skills (e.g., critical thinking, logic, problem solving skills). EDS is technologically sophisticated, provides children with the opportunity to learn foreign languages, makes reading a priority, offers an excellent arts program, and houses a variety of sports and other extracurricular activities. Other academic resources are also available (e.g., SPARK, tutorial, academic competitions). Additionally, field trips are purposeful and students are educationally prepared for the experiences.

On a more personal note, we appreciate our experienced administration, staff and teachers. (1) This body is not only talented in their respective areas but is quite personable, creating a cohesive, warm, caring and family-like atmosphere. (2) The teachers not only teach our children but also know our children. (3) We enjoy a Christian education. (4) We enjoy a diverse student body where all people are valued. (5) EDS has special traditions that are enjoyed by all throughout the year that make going to school fun! (6) There is ZERO tolerance for bullying, disruptive behavior or any type of inappropriate or illegal behavior. What a comfort for children and parents! (7) Finally, EDS is a place where the whole child is nurtured: educationally, spiritually, emotionally, and behaviorally. It is this atmosphere that makes everything WORK!

In conclusion, we don't have to sell Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School. Its record speaks for itself. You just have to come and experience it!

With all sincerity, Dr. Paula Simien and Mr. Marshall Simien, Jr.

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