The Rau Family


Of all the investments Fred and I have ever made, the investment in our boys' education at EDS has been the most rewarding.

At Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School, Derrick and David developed a love for learning, a strong work ethic, a willingness to take risks to explore their individual gifts, and an appreciation for the gifts of others.

At the foundation of it all, EDS reinforced the Christian values we were trying to instill at home, while embracing a diverse student body in a respectful, loving environment. What a wonderful example for our children!

Their EDS education will pay dividends for a lifetime and will grow substantially in value through the years. What better investment could a parent make?

Sincerely, Denise and Fred Rau Parents of Derrick (EDS Class of 2008) and David (EDS Class of 2009)

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