Stephanie Potter

PreK 4 Teacher


My name is Stephanie Potter. Teaching PreK 4 at EDS is exactly where I want be! I've student taught and/or substitute taught in every grade and enrichment offered at our school. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than spending my days with four year-olds! 

I am an alumna of EDS. I graduated from St. Louis Catholic High School before getting my degree in Communication at Santa Clara University. I lived in Northern California for 8 years and worked in corporate retail and international exchange. In 2009, I returned to Lake Charles and found my home in education. I most recently earned a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. I am honored to be a third generation teacher in my family. 

It is hard to put into words why my family has made EDS our home for education. I make a top 10 list and it becomes 100. Simply put...We are at EDS because everyone who is at EDS is there for a very good reason. No one learning or teaching at the school is there because of the tuition price, the pay, or the geographic convenience. It could be the class sizes, the life lessons on inclusion and environmental consciousness, the cutting edge technology, the culture of Christianity...but really we are all here because it is home. Our students, faculty, and staff are family. Everyone shows up everyday because they want to. When that is true it creates an atmosphere of contentment and satisfaction that is contagious. We are so happy to be here and couldn't imagine being anywhere else! 

My husband and I live in downtown Lake Charles with our two daughters, a dog, a cat, and a yard full of wildlife. We have a large garden where we grow a lot of the produce we eat. We love to travel and learn by exploring new places. I teach preschool ballet every September through April and have for more than a decade. I also volunteer my time with the Junior League of Lake Charles. My family, teaching, the arts, and our community are my four pillars in life. I'm looking forward to another exciting year!

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