Lesli Ericson

Third Grade Teacher

Contact: lcaples@episcopaldayschool.org

Hello. My name is Mrs. Lesli Ericson and I teach 3rd grade at Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School. This will be my fourteenth year teaching here at EDS and my thirteenth year teaching third grade.

I have a master’s degree in elementary education, certification to teach 1st through 8th grades, and an undergraduate degree in Business (Finance). Prior to teaching here, I worked in banking and accounting and taught business classes at a local vocational-technical institute.

I originally joined the EDS teaching staff, in part, to help pay tuition for my daughter, Bailey, who was a student here. Bailey is now an EDS alumnus and long-gone from these halls and walls, but I have decided to stick around at EDS! I love teaching, and I will forever love this school!

I love third graders especially, and say that they are the perfect age (for me to teach). They are still innocent and curious, and they have eyes filled with wonder … yet they are capable of ‘big stuff’ academically. Each year, I maintain that my students teach me more than I could possibly ever teach them. In essence, they are a reminder to me that there is such simple beauty in the world. I see Jesus in their sweet little faces; hear the voices of angels each time I hear them sing. I love third graders! I truly enjoy spending my days with them and that is why I continue to teach each year. I am very enthusiastic about project-based learning and real-world applications. We stay very, very busy in the third grade! I believe that every student can be a leader, and will seek to help students find their relative strengths. I believe that all of our students will rise to the high expectations that we set for them … if we set the expectations high and consistently monitor and reinforce their progress and successes along the way. You will see that we will expect much of them, but you will also see that they will grow, mature, and progress so very, very much this year! I want your little learner to be happy; I want your little learner to be healthy … of body, mind and spirit; I want your little learner to achieve! I am here to support my students and to help my students gain the skills and qualities that will help assure their successes! I am honored to learn with them this year!

Besides teaching, I also enjoy treasure hunting in flea markets and thrift stores, painting, and crafting. I love a good game of Scrabble (or just about any board game) and I love dining out with my family and enjoying live music. I love spending time with my husband, Doug, our children Bailey, Dayton, and Arean and our beagle, Henry.

God Bless Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School! I promise to seek (daily) to be the kind of teacher for your child that I pray my own children and grandchildren have! Such is the true desire of my heart!

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