Elayne Gabbert

Music Teacher and Choir Director

Contact: egabbert@episcopaldayschool.org

Welcome to the music department.  My name is Elayne Gabbert and I teach classroom music and direct The Soaring Eagles Chorus and Middle School Choir.

I have lived in Lake Charles my entire life.  I am a St. Louis High School 1984 graduate.  I have degrees from McNeese State University; Bachelors in Vocal Performance; Masters in Music Education with specialty in The Kodaly Philosophy of Music.

At St. Louis, I was not interested in joining the choir.  I found my way into Pam Gabriel LeBlanc’s choir because I could take it instead of PE.  I quickly traded in my tennis shoes and PE uniform for singing soprano in choir.  From there, I discovered my musical talent.

I love performing.  I dreamed of being a star in the Metropolitan Opera.  If not that, I would settle for Broadway   I began singing professionally in college and supplemented my income for years with various vocal and theatre gigs.

Sopranos are known for being “primadonnas”.  I embraced my inner primadonna self and foolishly thought that I was too talented to teach.  My mantra was “those who can’t…teach”.  I eventually had to admit to myself that “those who sing…starve”.  So, with the encouragement of my music professors, mentors, and colleagues, I decided to get my education certification.  It was a God thing, because I found my calling.  Teaching is so much more fulfilling than any curtain call.

Father Mark, former Good Shepherd rector, sneakily got me involved with EDS by my being an aide in the PreK 2 classroom.  I fell in love with the school and stuck with it.  In my 4th year here, I moved over to the music department and I have been there ever since.  Teaching is now my passion.  I have found my voice and the best part of my job is when a student finds their own voice and gains the confidence to use it.

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