Anna Temple

Art Teacher


Hello, I am Mrs. Anna Temple.  I am the Art Teacher.   I wish to help every student reach their highest potential remembering that they will continue to learn every day in their life and there is always room for growth not only intellectually but emotionally. As we grow we learn and in turn begin to teach lessons ourselves.

I love my job because I enjoy the positive environment and I love being with the students every day.  I am always surprised at the things that excite them and even after all these years they can completely amaze and educate me.

I chose EDS because I loved the way my own children thrived in the atmosphere. Even today there isn't one day that goes by that my two grown children do not have some memory or positive experience that isn't directly related to the education they received at EDS.

I think my ability to adapt to situations is unique.  My hobbies vary.  I, of course, enjoy art.  I also enjoy teaching swimming lessons, cooking and catering very large events.  I also am an avid reader in my down time.

My family consists of my husband Lewis, who is head of art education at McNeese State University.  He is a painter and mixed media sculptor.  We have a daughter, Shauna and a son Madison.  

The last family member is our 200lb adopted mixed breed Newfoundland named Voodoo.  He didn't attend EDS but I am sure if the school ever opens a section for 4 legged friends he will be first in line to attend.

Besides being a leader in Art, I am also a leader in swimming as my entire summer is spent in the pool teaching swimming lessons.

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