Carey Camel

Carey Camel, EDS Class of 2009, Student at Princeton University

 What impact has Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School had on you? I spent a large part of my life at EDS and I don’t think I realize how big an impact it had on me until I went to high school. EDS students stood out as incredibly intelligent and it was then I realized how different EDS is compared to other schools.

 Did EDS help create a love of learning for you? I developed great habits at EDS. I was really invested during that time and I strived for success. EDS students are not passive during class which helps provide us with a great foundation.        

 What passions did you find at EDS that you may not have discovered elsewhere? I became very involved with music at EDS and that’s a love I still have to this day. I give Mrs. Elayne Gabbert a lot of credit for molding me. She gave me a lot of confidence and I felt like she believed in me.

 Describe the faculty at EDS. I had really amazing teachers, particularly in lower school. They were always so happy to engage with us, even though we were so young. They didn’t just stand up and talk at the class. They were open to having discussions and conversations with us about anything and everything, regardless of how young we were.

Did you have a favorite teacher? Two teachers in particular stand out. Ms. Parks was my second grade teacher. She was such a fabulous educator and she created this wonderful program called Pickles that assisted students who needed extra help with school work. I also loved my fourth grade teachers, Ms. Caples. I remember her being a more “serious” teacher but she was so great at joking around with us and getting down on our level. She was also wonderful at presenting material and slowing down or speeding up when she needed to. She could really read the class and figure out exactly what we needed.

Was there a time that a teacher went above and beyond for you? I have a really funny memory from second grade. One day, during recess, I fell down and scraped up my knee. All the teachers there, even the ones I didn’t know as well, were so helpful and kind. They took me into the teacher’s lounge to bandage my knee which was the coolest thing ever at the time because kids were never allowed in the lounge! I even got to get a coke out of the soda machine!

Describe the EDS community. Because EDS is such a small community, everyone is very invested in each child’s education. No one gets lost in the cracks at EDS. Everyone knows your name and there is a real sense of connectivity. Having such a small community also gives the students the opportunity to work on their interpersonal skills. Kids at EDS are great at solving their own issues among themselves. There’s rarely a need for tattle telling. Because of the smaller population, the students learn to work things out between themselves.

Do you stay in touch with your EDS friends? I haven’t really stayed in touch with many of my EDS classmates, but when I do run into someone, there is a definite bond present. We have that shared experience. I know there were some incredibly bright people at EDS during my time and I know they are going to go and do amazing things.

Did EDS help you find the right college for you? I definitely changed a lot during my high school years and when the time came to apply for college, I was very different from the person who graduated 8th grade at EDS. But I will say that Ms. Kelly’s English class helped a lot with my writing skills. I think that played a valuable part in my application process.

How prepared for college and for life were you? I feel my education gave me several valuable skills such as my go-getter attitude and a desire to live a balanced life. I gained a lot of self confidence and a great desire to succeed but also the wisdom that I could easily overschedule myself and how beneficial it is to strive for balance in my life. EDS also gave me a foundation of organization and diligence which allows me to set myself up for success. I actively think about my day and the coming week and what I need to do and the steps I need to take to make myself successful in all my endeavors.

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