Alumni Spotlight

Carey Camel

Carey Camel, EDS Class of 2009, Student at Princeton University

I spent a large part of my life at EDS and I don’t think I realize how big an impact it had on me until I went to high school. EDS students stood out as incredibly » read more...

Elizabeth Garber Lanier

EDS Class of 2000, Archivist at the George W. Bush Presidential Library for the National Archives and Records Administration

I never imagined my career would lead me to meet a president or allow me to listen to all five living presidents speak in person. Working as an archivist » read more...

Joel Dondis

EDS Class of 1980, Founder of Sucre' Sweet Boutiques and Confection Studio in New Orleans, LA

I've had a lot of time to reflect on my years at EDS and I consistently find myself saying to other people that EDS is the one place that allowed me to » read more...