Middle School Social Studies

Middle School Social Studies is an exciting trip through history for the students at Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School. They will experience World History, American History, and Louisiana History. Students participate in the EDS Social Studies Fair with an opportunity to enter the Region V Social Studies Fair.

Sixth Grade – Journey Across Time: The Early Ages

Sixth grade is the year of introduction into World History. In World History we will cover the chronology of the world from early people to the Renaissance. Students will study world geography, economics, civics and anthropology. Each unit it taught using hands-on projects and exciting research opportunities. We incorporate Document Based Question sets into our study, these DBQ’s have multiple components from primary sources to essay topics. Students participate in Socratic Seminars that encourage both higher order thinking and class discussions. The sixth grade also visits the Houston History Museum to spend the “Night at the Museum” and perform various projects.

Seventh Grade – The American Republic to 1877

The seventh grade will concentrate on American History and its exciting time of exploring the amazing journey of a Republic. Students will examine America from the Early People to the Reconstruction period. There is a heavy emphasis on the Constitution with an ample mixture of geography, political schematics and economics. Hands-on projects and research projects are incorporated throughout each unit, along with Socratic Seminars that encourage discussion and higher order thinking. We use Document Based Question sets to teach document analysis, and essay construction. Students also read several class novels that break down historical events into interactive stories. The seventh grade students take a field trip to one of the only preserved Civil War battlefields at Port Hudson. There they participate in re-enactment activities and learn through real-life experiences.

Eighth Grade – Louisiana, The History of an American State

The eighth grade social studies course will cover the state from early Native Americans to current governors, from festivals and culture to geography and weather, and from statehood to the role of Louisiana in national as well as world history. Students take part in a two week project that includes field trips around the city to learn about the history of Lake Charles and its people. We use Document Based Question sets to teach civics and government, both state and national. The DBQ’s include primary documents and essay components. Students take part in project based learning activities throughout the year, and Socratic Seminars to deepen their knowledge on our everyday lives in America and Louisiana.