Middle School Math

The Mathematics program at Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School is designed to prepare students for high school over a three year period. All courses are comprehensive and accelerated. Traditional topics are taught at each level, and special units are included to enrich the course work. Various methods are incorporated to foster success and appreciation for the subject. Class size allows individual attention for each student. This is very important for success in any class, but especially in a math class.

The sixth grade course is a combination of sixth and seventh grade topics. Students participate in a concentrated study of basic arithmetic skills and practice. Algebraic applications are introduced and reinforced at this level, as well as geometric applications of polygons, area, and perimeter.  Students participate in Breakfast in Math which applies skills learned when dealing with fraction to the real world skill of cooking.  Students are required to convert a recipe to feed the class then cook the item, making enough to share with the entire sixth grade.  All skills necessary for Pre-Algebra are mastered in this course. Homework problems are designed to continually review previously covered skills.

The seventh grade course is a Pre-Algebra course. Emphasis is placed on real life applications, and a continuation of Algebraic applications. Students are given an introduction to the theory behind the practice along with the algorithms required to complete the work. Homework in this course is also designed to continually review previously covered skills.

The eighth grade course choices are Algebra I and 8th grade math. In Algebra I, students are taught traditional algebra topics with an emphasis on individual achievement and group success. Concepts and practice in geometry and statistics are integrated throughout the course. Students successfully completing this course will receive a Carnegie unit of credit. In 8th grade math, students will continue Pre Algebra with a strong emphasis on Algebraic applications. Algebra topics are also covered, with an integration of Geometry and statistics. Students successfully completing this course will be prepared for Algebra I in high school.

Mathematics is an exciting and important part of our world. It is our goal at EDS to equip our students with all the necessary tools for being successful and contributing citizens, and to foster in them a love for learning and an appreciation for the role Mathematics will play in their future.