Engaging students in meaningful learning

Middle School is a period of tremendous growth and change, exploration and discovery. The small class sizes at Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School allow students to experience a close-knit community fostering confidence, collaboration and creativity. EDS provides a unique environment where a love of learning inspires independent thinkers.

Here at EDS, learning is viewed as a journey. Our diverse and inclusive community fosters a respect for every individual which supports each student’s spiritual formation, no matter what culture or religion. Middle School faculty often talk about the three things that are distinctive about teaching at EDS: highly engaged students, unusually dedicated colleagues, and autonomy in the classroom which allows education to be a process rather than a product. Students receive individualized instruction incorporating 21st century strategies that develop skills needed for our rapidly changing world.

The Middle School activities are designed to prepare students during these transitional and formative years to understand the importance of juggling academics, sports, extracurricular activities. Our faculty encourages the students to take on the task of identifying their responsibilities and learning to be accountable for numerous academic classes and projects. A wide array of activities and enrichments craft a blueprint for a balanced lifestyle. Team sports include volleyball, football, cheerleading, basketball, track, golf, and swimming. Fine arts allows for group and individual performances and exhibits in band, choir and art. Clubs and organizations include Library Club, Team Green, Mathcounts, Chess, Student Council to name a few. All of these activities work together to create a nurturing environment that prepares middle school students for the future.