Fifth Grade

A fifth grade child is often experiencing the early stages of adolescence complete with growth spurts and emotional changes. The fifth grade program recognizes these changes and strives to help focus each child with interesting and challenging material aimed at problem solving and critical thinking.

The fifth grade English program emphasizes proficiency in mechanics and the usage of the eight parts of speech. Textbooks and workbooks are used to introduce concepts and provide practice. Opportunities to write are coordinated with the reading of literature and social studies. Writing assignments are in the form of creative writing, formal book reports, and research reports to exercise the usage of English. Students are evaluated through chapter tests and written work.

The Reading program focuses on the study of novels with oral and independent reading. These books are taken from historical fiction lists and other genre that coordinate with the social studies units. Other literary forms such as poetry are incorporated into the study of reading when appropriate. Activities designed to develop vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills are included. To meet individual needs in the development of reading and comprehension skills, students are placed in the Accelerated Reader Program. This computer program tests and tracks each student’s independent reading. Computers are also used in creative writing.

The Math program provides many opportunities for each child to master specific skill objectives. Students will continue to master place value and rounding from thousandths to billions. Tests, motivational games and activities will be used to meet the individual learning needs of each student. Multiplication facts from 2 - 12 should be mastered before 5th grade. Basic facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are covered with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. The basics of geometry (area is included) ratio and proportion, percent, graphing and measurement are studied.

The Science program studies the basics in life science, physical science, earth science and health science. Opportunities for exploration activities and discussion are provided to introduce concepts, capture student interest and develop concepts. To further build skills and concepts, children will take part in experiments in the classroom and field trips. Science processing skills are taught through hands-on activities. Students demonstrate their understanding and practice critical thinking through assigned projects and discussions. An exciting and in-depth study of the ocean biome is part of the curriculum.

The Social Studies program provides an in-depth study of American History beginning with the crossing of the land bridge through the period surrounding the Civil War. Each unit is taught with the addition of a hands-on activity revolving around research or additional study. The course is designed to encourage students’ enjoyment of the social sciences and to show them the relationship between early times and their world today. The computer and digital camera are also used to study and make reports about historical figures.

In addition, fifth grade students go to class in Spanish, Technology, Art, Music, Physical Education, Library

Field trips and special events have included:

  • SeaWorld San Antonio
  • Innovative book reports (through making a book related game, dioramas, etc.)
  • Biome research projects
  • Many American History class projects
  • Epiphany Pageant Kings
  • Honor Choir
  • Basketball and Track teams for boys and girls
  • Library Club
  • Dancing Classrooms
  • Special projects in all subjects
  • D.A.R.E.
  • Adopt A Pilot program