Inspiring our children to become courageous leaders

In Lower School each student is afforded the opportunity to build the foundation for an independent, successful future. Teachers guide students in a nurturing environment that includes individualized instruction driven by data and the latest teaching strategies. Small group instruction allows for more opportunities for questioning and engagement. With our content-rich and challenging academics, each child has the confidence and inspiration to become life-long learners and leaders in our community. 

Students are connected to the community in many aspects through their work with sustainable initiatives that includes coastal restoration and reforestation. Our faith-centered approach offers opportunities for service to others. Our diverse and inclusive community fosters a respect for every individual which supports each student’s spiritual formation, no matter what culture or religion. Children become stewards of the environment through their experience with our varied initiatives which include restoration, recycling and planting. This hands-on, real-world approach makes learning exciting and meaningful. 

Throughout the Lower School journey, students develop self-confidence and independence. Teachers provide rigorous and engaging activities designed to prepare each student for the transition to Middle School. We strive to inspire students with a varied curriculum that helps create a well balanced lifestyle.