Physical Education

Physical Education at any level is conducive to growth and development and promotes an encouraging environment for play.  Through playing with peers in a controlled environment, students learn to cooperate in a group setting respectively and begin to develop a sense of awareness. The PreK and Kindergarten level program focuses on gross motor skills, coordination, stretching exercises and health habits. Included within this realm is the importance of social and communication skills. The students use a wide variety of equipment including balls, balloons, bean bags, parachutes, hula hoops, and much more.  We focus on following instructions, creating a fun learning environment, and growing the student's ability to catch, throw, move through traffic, kick, dribble, etc. 

At the Lower School level we also work on coordination and cardio respiratory fitness. Seasonal sports are modified for this age group so students can participate in such games as basketball, soccer, track, bowling, kick ball, softball, and football. Physical fitness testing starts at second grade and continues through eighth grade. The students perform five tests trying to meet or exceed national standardized scores. These are performed in the fall semester and then again in the spring semester to see their level of improvement.

The Middle School level is a more structured Physical Education class where we follow most seasonal sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, track, football, softball and golf. Students take part in skills tests as well as written tests on which a portion of our quarterly grades are averaged. The other portion of the grade comes from exercise, behavior and test. Students in sixth through eighth grades also run a timed mile at the beginning of the school year. Each month the mile run is timed again.

The Physical Education Program also includes “Jump Rope for Heart”. This is held every two years in the spring for first through fifth grade.  Jump Rope for Heart is an EDS fundraiser for the American Heart Association.  The students learn about the functions of the heart and the importance of keeping our bodies strong and healthy.  By jumping and raising money for the American Heart Association, we are helping fund research for those with heart disease as well as strengthening our own hearts.                                      

Sex education is taught to 5th-8th grade students through a school/physician approved lesson appropriate for each age group.