At Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School, music is an integral part of the over-all curriculum. Beginning with Pre-Kindergarten two-year-olds and continuing through 1st grade, music classes are taught once a week for thirty (30) minutes. In 2nd grade, music classes are extended to one, forty-five (45) minute class per week. 

Classes are taught based on the music philosophy of Zoltan Kodaly. Students learn a wide variety of American Folk Songs and games. Through singing the folk-songs and playing the games, music literacy begins. Students learn tuneful singing, independent singing, keeping a steady beat, as well as readiness elements relating to changing tempo, dynamics, and tone. Socially, students learn cooperative play, build attention spans, follow directions, and take turns. Students develop gross motor skills through fun activities. 

As the years progress, students learn to read and write music off staff and stick notation using solfa-syllables. Students learn to improvise melodies and rhythms based on known musical elements. Students learn an appreciation of the great art music and musical eras of music through listening activities designed to identify various elements in the music; rhythm, musical scale or ostinato, dynamics, etc. 

The 3rd and 4th grades participate in the Soaring Eagles Chorus. 5th graders are able to choose between band or chorus. All students are a part of the chorus. The chorus, at the most basic level, is a practical application of music notation, sight-singing, vocal independence skills, and musical aesthetic values taught in previous years of classroom music. Repertoire is in unison/two-part harmony. Soaring Eagles Chorus leads the music at least once a month for Eucharist. 

The Middle School choir students are responsible for leading the music for Thursday afternoon Eucharist. Repertoire is in two and three part harmony. Sight reading skills concentrate on reading in two part harmony. 

Both choral groups have many performance opportunities throughout the year: 
Soaring Eagles Chorus (3rd,4th, 5th grades) 
1. Veteran’s Day Program 
2. Audition opportunity for the Louisiana all-state choir 
3. Epiphany Pageant 
4. District/State Choral Festival 
5. Lower School Musical – traded every other year with Middle School 
6. Spring Concert – year opposite the musical year 

Middle School Choir (6th, 7th, 8th grades) 
1. Halloween Lights Out Concert 
2. Audition opportunity for the Louisiana all-state choir 
3. Solo or Ensemble Festival 
4. Christmas Concert 
5. District/State Choral Festival 
6. Middle School Musical – traded every other year with Lower School 
7. Spring Concert – year opposite the musical year 

Although the Middle School Choir has the primary responsibility to lead music for Eucharist, the Lower School Choir will sing an anthem and lead the service at least once a month.