The Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School art curriculum is based on the elements and principles of design.  Incorporating the elements and principles of design in the art program keeps art challenging.  It also allows the students to grow as the procedures increase with age.

Art is provided for PreK4 through 8th grades.  Middle school students can choose art as an elective.  This is offered three times per week.

Each grade level will create projects that incorporate elements to further student knowledge on each subject.  Different media will be used throughout the year to incorporate artists with individual stylistic media.  This gives the students the opportunity to find a medium with which they are comfortable.  It also challenges students to work in areas outside of their comfort zones.  Examples of these mediums are:

 Drawing with marker, crayon, ebony, oil pastel, ink, pencil, and chalk

  • Painting with tempera, acrylic watercolor, papers, and oils
  • Printmaking with string, glue line, silkscreen, metal plates, Styrofoam, and linoleum
  • Sculpture with paper, wire, plaster, clay, paper-mache, and common objects